Topseller HeatPacks

HeatPaxx Toe Warmer

HeatPaxx Toe Warmer
  • 8+ hours of warm feet
  • extremely thin - fits in every shoe
  • just stick them onto your socks
  • Content: 1 pair - size: 10x7cm

HeatPaxx Heat Patch

HeatPaxx Heat Patch
  • 12+ hours of heat on the spot
  • Suitable for belley, back and shoulders
  • just stick it on your shirt
  • Content: 1 patch - size: 10x13cm

HeatPaxx Foot Insole Warmer

HeatPaxx Foot Insole Warmer
  • 5+ hours of powerful heat
  • extra powerful - suits every shoe
  • just use it like an insole
  • Content: 1 pair - size: 25cm+

HeatPaxx Hand Warmer

HeatPaxx Hand Warmer
  • 12+ hours of warm hands
  • lightweight, small in size and comfy
  • works perfect in your hands, gloves or pockets
  • two hand warmers (size 5 x9 cm) in each package
Heatpaxx Waermer Key Features
Original HeatPaxx® Warmers
innovative - super warm - natural
  • Self activated - just needs air
  • can be kept for several years
  • 100% natural warmth
Heatpaxx Warmer Key Features
Heatpaxx Toe warmer Testimonial
„These HeatPaxx® Foot Warmers often saved my day.“
„Cold feet can really spoil my mood, but with the foot warmers I am always well prepared against the cold. “
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Topseller Cooling Products

HPXfresh Testimonial
„On these hot days at work I praise my cooling vest.“
„At 30°C and above in my workshop I am getting tired and exhausted quickly, which is quite dangerous. My cooling vests helps me to stay fit and focussed.“
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We keep you cool

It feels like the summers are getting hotter and hotter and many people are severely restricted by high temperatures in their everyday life and also in their workplace. Our founders were made aware of the problems multiple sclerosis (MS) patients have to experience due to high temperatures. In cooperation with those affected, the regional associations of the German Multiple Sclerosis Societies (DMSG) and the support groups, the cooling vests, cooling bracelets and other cooling products have been continuously developed.

In foundries, welding shops, chocolate factories or other hot work environments, our cooling vests have been a reliable aid for a long time. However, the extremely hot summers of the last few years also called the health and safety officers on the scene and we are very happy to be able to help, for example, road builders, roofers and train drivers with our cooling protective vests.

We love to listen to our customers and receive lots of inspiration for new products. This resulted in such great products as the cooling patch, the large cooling cushion (seat cooler) and the large cooling sleeve for the leg.

We keep you warm

When our founders Jens and Christian held the small Japanese heating patches in their hands for the first time, they were just as perplexed and fascinated as you will be when you try them for the first time: The cozy warmth that these small heating pads radiate is simply unbelievable!

HeatPaxx® - under this brand, our team has since continued to develop the most diverse versions of these warming pillows: Toe warmer (foot warmer), Body warmer (heat patch), Hand warmer and Insole warmer are probably the most popular types of heatpacks.

We are also proud to introduce the HeatPaxx® special warmers, which generate such powerful and long lasting warmth that they can have a beneficial effect on pain. Our favorites are the large heat belt and the heat patch for back and shoulders. The warming knee bandage is designed more for special cases, which however also occur.

Heatpacks for logistics

More and more things are being shipped, even something like fish, corals, spiders or tropical plants. But if the temperature drops below a certain temperature these life-forms are at risk. We can help with our powerful HeatPaxx®: The regular HeatPack M - our 40 hour warmer and the large HeatPack XL - the 72 hour warmer brings your temperature-sensitive goods safely to their destination.

40h HeatPack M Shipping Warmer

40h HeatPack M Shipping Warmer
  • up to 40hr duration
  • protects plants, animals and equipment from cold
  • serves many logistics purposes
  • Content: 1 warmer - size: 10x13cm

72h HeatPack XL Shipping Warmer

72h HeatPack XL Shipping Warmer
  • duration: up to 72h
  • Safe shipment of temperature-sensitive goods
  • Protects batteries and equipment at low temperatures
  • Content: 1 warmer - size: 15x11cm

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