How it works

HeatPaxx - how it works

The temperature development of our HeatPaxx warmers is archived in a relatively simple and natural way. The formula of this natural oxidation process is displayed on the board above. The powder inside the warmer contains iron which oxidises when it comes in contact with the air's oxygen. This process is exothermic and creates heat. There are also other ingredients in the powder such as active carbon, water, salt and vermiculite which control the reaction. Since our warmers only contain natural ingredients it is harmless to use and dispose our warmers. Our warmers are thin, light and keep you warm for up to 10hrs!

To give you an idea on how our warmers work, we want to give you an introduction on how our warmers are made:

HeatPaxx components Mixture of raw materials HeatPaxx packaging method

If the warmer is built, the outer sachet is sealed airtight, since the air's oxygen will cause the powder inside the warmer to react. The reaction will only start when you open the sachet and place the warmer wherever you want to enjoy the warmth generated by this exciting reaction.

Sealing of the pack Heatpaxx react with oxygen Enjoy the warmth