Using HeatPaxx

Unpacking heatpaxx warmer

Using HeatPaxx Warmers is really easy and will be introduced briefly on this page:

Foot warmer

One package of Foot Warmers contains one pair. When the outer package is opened and the oxygen of the air is getting in contact with the warmer the natural oxydation process starts and the warmer is generating heat. On one side our warmer features a adhesive film and you can stick the warmer in the palm region of your foot onto your socks. Now you can just slip into your shoes and the HeatPaxx warmer will keep your feet warm for 8 hours.

Application heatpaxx foot warmer

Insole Foot Warmer

Using our foot insole warmer ist very easy. Its thin and flexible design allows it to be used just like a regular insole. Simple remove the outer package and slip the HeatPaxx insole warmers into your shoes. Feel the powerful heat for at least 5 hours and enjoy warm feet.

Application heatpaxx foot insole warmer

Body Warmers / Heat Patches

After opening the package the natural heat generation starts by itself. Now you can stick the HeatPaxx heat patch on the inner layer of your cloth wherever you just are in need of warmth. It can also be relaxing when suffering from back or period pain. 12 hours this warmer will keep you warm.

Application HeatPaxx Heat Patch

Hand Warmer

A pack of HeatPaxx Hand Warmers contains two warmers, each about 5cm * 9cm in size. The application is really simple: Just unpack the warmers - individually or both - and you will feel the heat development within short time. You can keep the Hand Warmers directly in your hands, however the heat development will be best, if placed in a pocket or a glove. Enjoy the comfortable heat for 12 hours.

Application HeatPaxx Hand Warmer